La Jolla, California – A Haven of Beach Attractions

Unlike other tourist attractions in the US, La Jolla is somewhat different due to the fact that it isn’t a city; rather it is a suburban neighborhood of a city. The suburb is a neighborhood of San Diego city of Southern California State. It is strategically locally on a beautiful headland just next to the Mount Soledad slopes, facing La Jolla Cove. It is also not so far away from the San Diego downtown. The neighborhood is characterized by homes that are surrounded by shady palm trees which are very tall, bloomy and overlooking the Pacific Coast.

The neighborhood is easily accessible by road from San Diego downtown. There are public transportation buses provided by the Municipality of the area. The main avenue in this small Suburb community is known as the Prospect Street. Along the street, there are over six art galleries, fashion boutiques, restaurants, jewelry stores and many more social amenities. Lamborghinis and Ferraris are a common sight along this street.

One of the attractions to La Jolla is the shoreline park. Many people who visit find it very magnificent. The park faces both the pristine bay and the coastal cliffs beyond the bay. Both the natives and visitors to this town find the park a perfect zone for either basking or for picnics. What makes the picnic even more interesting is the fact that there are many restaurants nearby that are very ideal for take-away foods.


La Jolla is known for its great beaches that look so magnificent. There is a sandy beach along the inner bay of the shoreline. It is so beautiful and many people come here for surfing, swimming and sun bathing. On the other hand, the offshore reef is characterized by clear waters that offer a great opportunity for scuba and snorkeling lovers.

Not all the tourists attracted to La Jolla beaches are humans. Seals are also frequent visitors to the beach. They are usually attracted to the beach that is found to the tip of La Jolla’s headland. This is because there is a small breakwater in the area that tends to offer some cover to the beach and hence the Seals as well. In turn, the seals attract tourist who try to catch a glimpse of these creatures as they come out to bask in the sun. This creates a kind of symbiotic relationship between the seals and the humans. Actually, this is one of the favorite attractions in La Jolla.

Other than the aforementioned beaches, more beaches are to be found to both the south and the north of the cove. Visitors should note that not all these beaches are used just for any recreational activity. There are some that are quite dangerous and only professional suffers and swimmers can venture out into them. Other activities that tourists can enjoy in La Jolla include hiking, sea kayak, biking, playing some golf at the various country clubs and so on. Therefore, it is clear that most of La Jolla’s attractions depend on the beaches.