The Land of Ancient Cultures – Pamukkale, Turkey

Turkey is termed as a land of many ancient cultures. Turkey is the best choice of destination for those looking for fun and entertainment all through their vacation. Pamukkale in Turkey is a place which many people opt to visit during their stay here. The beautiful sceneries and the historic places in Pamukkale are the main attraction for the tourists. Pamukkale has been chosen by people for many years because of the peace of mind it offered them.

  • Traveling to Pamukkale

A person planning to reach Pamukkale can reach the location through rail , road or train. Once the person reaches turkey they can go for any of the above means of transportation. If the person plans to utilize every second of their trip then taking the trip by road will be the best option.

  • Exotic places in Pamukkale

Pamukkale is well known for the large number of geo thermal springs which arises here. Many tourists come here every year especially during the winter to enjoy the warm springs. The remains of Heirapolis – the ancient city, is another major attraction in Pamukkale. The remains are well preserved and under the list of world heritage location. Amphitheater in Pamukkale is located on a high location but it is always worth the visit. There are many more locations which must be under the sure to visit list when a person goes to Pamukkale.


The name Pamukkale which means cotton castle was formed because of the formation of natural white stalactites here. This is formed by the hardening of water from geo thermal springs already rich in limestone and chalk. Pamukkale also offers a variety of recreational activities to the tourists.