A Visit to The Land of Tsars – Saint Petersburg, Russia

Russia which is one of the world’s largest country, is home to many years of ancient history. Many people even today make it a point to visit the museums of Russia which are filled with infinite data’s regarding the various revolution which once broke up on the face of earth. Saint Petersburg in Russia is the largest city in the country and houses the largest museum also. Saint Petersburg is a must to visit place in Russia for tourists.

  • Reaching Saint Petersburg

A person can reach Saint Petersburg by ferry, train or flight. The international airport in Saint Petersburg is well connected with many of the foreign countries. The Ferry services includes car ferry also 2 or 3 times a week. The super fast Allegro trains enables a person to reach Saint Petersburg or leave the city after their trip with ease.

  • Places to Visit in Saint Petersburg

The Hermitage museum in Saint Petersburg is said to be one of the oldest and the biggest art museums in the world. Saint Petersburg also has an open air museum the city center. A ballet show is a must watch for every person visiting Saint Petersburg. There are many ballet schools here which arrange some of the best ballet shows. If the person is planning to take a whole tour of the city then its better to take a guide along if they are not fluent with Russian. A visit to the St. Isaac’s cathedral, a trip through the canals are some other places to visit in Saint Petersburg.


Visit to Saint Petersburg can be made even more memorable by tasting the special delicacies served here. The ice creams served here is so tasty that they are in demand even during winter.