Information on Rome Colosseum

Rome is the city of dreams. Tourists often love to visit this city. The historic background is really rich and the city is extremely beautiful. Rome will surely enchant you. Among many places Rome Colosseum is a must visit for the tourists. Some people call it Colosseum and some people call it as Coliseum. Everyone knows about the Rome Coliseum really well. If Rome is among the top visited cities in the world then Coliseum is one of the most praised monuments of this city. This is a giant and impressive structure. You cannot find any structure in the whole Roman Empire. This is still standing with pride and people from various places of the world are coming to visit this.


The history of Coliseum is very interesting. Initially it was known as Amphiteatrum Flaviun and the Flavian emperors have built this up. The construction was completed under the observation of Domitian and Titus sometimes in 75-80AD. They gifted this giant and elegant structure to the free roman citizens. The gladiatorial fights used to happen there.

Various other games used to be played but the gladiatorial fights used to be the most popular. Nearly 55,000 spectators can be here and there are 50 entrances. The structure is impressive and magical. Once you visit this you will feel like revisiting the historic days. The Coliseum used to be an entertainment ground. However the emperors and people have used this for various purposes then. This is one of the epicenters of Rome’s attraction and without visiting Coliseum your Rome trip will be incomplete. If you plan to visit Rome then Colosseum must be there in your trip map.