Cocoa Beach, Home to NASA’s Space Launch Facility

Cocoa Beach is one of the tourist attractions located along the Atlantic coast of Florida state of USA. The beach is only 50 miles away from Disney world, which is found to its west. It is also one-hour drive away from Orlando. Though not preferred by many tourists and visitors, some people still find these Atlantic beaches very interesting, and there are of course reasons for these reservations.

First of all, the neighborhood of Cocoa Beach like Orlando and Disney World are rich in many amusement parts. However, as many people will find out, unlike the Gulf Coast beaches that are usually overcrowded, the east coast Atlantic beaches that include the Cocoa Beach are normally less crowded. As such, some people will find uncrowned areas more interesting to visit. The other issue is to do with the temperature of the beach waters whereby the Mexican Gulf waters are warmer as compared to the east Atlantic ones. However, in summer, the Cocoa Beach waters become warm enough and these are the times when they attract many tourists. Also, they aren’t as shallow as the gulf waters, hence a better choice for people who love swimming and surfing.


Cocoa beach has a 30 mile stretch of sandy Beaches, and again, those who prefer these types of beaches will find the destination very interesting to visit. During summer, they offer a very good site for sand bathing.

There are actually no large restaurants. However, the smaller ones that are present are usually classic and many people who seek dinning services here derive the same satisfaction just as from larger restaurants. Quality wining and dining is available even depending on local cuisines. Visitors will also come across shops and bistros for their shopping. There are various accommodation units and packages and booking is possible online

Perhaps the fact that helps to assert Cocoa Beach’s position on the tourist attraction chart in Florida is the presence of the NASA John F. Kennedy Space Center and the accompanying facility for space launching at Cape Canaveral. Cape Canaveral is found a few miles to the north of Cocoa Beach. NASA’s visitor center that is open to the public plays a major role in attracting tourists to Cocoa Beach as well. Visitors to this center get to view the IMAX theaters, museums that are specifically created for showcasing space heritage and tours to the launch facility.

Generally, Cocoa Beach attracts fewer tourists as compared to other popular destinations. As one moves either further north or south of the Beach, the number of tourists becomes even much smaller. A case in particular is Melbourne which is located approximately 10 miles towards the south of the Beach. It is predominantly a residential area except for NASA workers and a few tourists from the north. However, this shouldn’t be mistaken for the fact that the area isn’t a tourist destination. There are still great attractions for those who prefer to visit it.