Travel Information on Argentina

Argentina is one of those countries that are not affected by the economic crisis in the last few years. If you happen to be looking for a travel destination that is pleasurable and cheap, then Argentina is the place for you.


Economic Anguish

At the same time as Argentina has unrestrained beauty, it also has boundless corruption. The immense corruption in conclusion leads to a fiscal crisis at the twist of the decade. With the exchange devalued and jobs getting scarce, Argentina was a categorically hazardous place for explorers. There was a lot of change in the political leaders and there was a time when there were five presidents changed in one single month. However, things seem to be getting stable and the country has re-appeared on the travel map.

Buenos Aries

Buenos Aries is known to be one of the most attractive destinations in the world and the city is full of beauty. It resembles Vienna in a number of other ways. This European impression from the city is awe-inspiring and the elegance literally stands out. Make sure you try out one of the streak houses if you are a meat-eater. This is the most preferred spot for all the non-vegetarians in the city.

Mar del Plata

Plata is a hot beach region and it is pretty lot all time of the year. This is that region that attracts loads of researchers for the reason that there is the Mar de Plata aquarium. There are approximately five different golf courses. The region is also full of discos, you can check the ones which play the kind of music you are interested in.

Iguaçu Falls

If you are fond of the waterfalls then this is the right destination for you. The Iquaza Falls are two times as extensive as and taller than Niagara Falls. The Falls in reality are made up of more than 250 cascades that came into subsistence owed to a volcanic explosion. It is advisable to visit the falls either in spring or in fall because it is extremely hot and humid in summer.

Tierra del Fuego

They call this to be the end of the world. That’s what the place is better known as. There is “Ushuaia” which is the capital of Tierra del Fuego and is considered to be the southernmost city of the world. From this particular city, you can certainly take a tourist train to see the huge snow covered mountains which are in reality framed as the “end of the world”. These mountains are located in the region called the National Park. This place is so beautiful that it cannot be explained in words.


Patagonia is situated in a huge area below Buenos Aries and is also famous for its scenic beauty. Greater Patagonia is the region that is split between Chile and Argentina. This particular area is filled with the glaciers, national parks and many more attractions. You will certainly not be disappointed with all that Patagonia has to offer.

From beaches to snow clad mountains, from elegant towns to European villages, you would be able to find it all in Argentina and that’s what makes it a world renowned travel destination.